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Where in the World is Chef?


The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar, Denver, CO


Where in the World is Chef?

As you already know if you have stepped into our restaurant or perused our menu at least one time, we are all about progressive comfort food mixed with international flavors.  We like to give traditional favorites a fresh twist!  Every month Chef Rich Byers will be choosing a new region or country to focus on and provide our guests with a fresh twist on international favorites.  We like to call this special, “Where in the World is Chef?”  During the month of April, Chef focused on Italy.  Our favorite was the Frutti Di Mare on our dinner specials. 

Frutti di Mare is a traditional Italian dish which originates off the coast of Italy.  It literally means “Fruit of the Sea”.  It gets that name because this dish is packed with any kind of seafood you can get your hands on; mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp or squid! 

Chef Rich Byers has created his version of the Frutti Di Mare using gently poached mussels, clams, shrimp and squid, roasted tomato, castelvetrano Italian olives, garlic, olive oil, citrus, basil and grilled ciabatta.  This dish is DELICIOUS.  It’s the perfect starter for dinner or you can just keep it all to yourself, because who likes sharing when you don’t have to?!

Stay tuned to see where Chef will be traveling to next!