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Vermouth Hour


“La Hora Del Vermut” otherwise known as “vermouth hour” is to Spain what grabbing an espresso is to Italy. It’s a social activity to enjoy during daylight hours, preferably with a friend or three. Generally before lunch when the locals come out of their homes or offices to enjoy a midday drink and snack. The beverage is less an intoxicant than a way to pass the time. It accelerates your afternoon rather than ending it. A time to interact with your fellow thirsty people & recharge for the night ahead In Spain. Excess is not the point; enjoyment is. Whether you like it on ice or with a splash of soda, it is meant to be savored along with the company. A few tapas added to the mix makes for the perfect “La hora del vermut”.

Chef Diego Amat, our Barcelona-born Executive Chef, joined award-winning chef Rick Bayless & food journalist Steve Dolinsky for their “The Feed Podcast” to introduce them to our version of “Vermut Hour” & it was magnificent. Mercat’s version is surrounded by Briny Olives, Boquerones drenched in Olive Oil, salty Marcona Almonds & Mussels Conserva. A squeeze of lemon over the Vermouth & it’s almost like you’re sitting in a sunny plaza in the middle of Barcelona! Come join us & tell us how you like your “La Hora Del Vermut”!