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Toasted Oak’s Charcuterie

Toasted Oak Market Charcuterie Board

Throw away those lunchables, it’s time for some REAL meat. Toasted Oak’s charcuterie features Chef’s specialties as well as traditional treats of the world; both prepared using age old techniques handed down through years of perfect production. In front of your eyes you can see bacon-wrapped country terrine, slowly braised pork roulette; house hickory-smoked mustard seed packed hunters sausage all from our house pantry! We finish it with classic mountainside air dried Prosciutto Di Parma as well as a rich and spicy Chorizo from Spain.

At the Grill and Market we make our own marmalades and mustards and we will pickle whatever vegetable we can fit in a jar, which means YES you can take them home.

See. You. Soon.