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Saturday Wine Tastings


Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, Fort Collins, CO

Saturday Wine Tastings


Emporium is so excited to be open and with that comes our Saturday Wine Tastings!

Our wine tastings are complimentary, and you can purchase a bottle from the market to drink at your table as well! We offer our wines with dinner, or if you’re looking for something more quick service; you can choose from an array of hearty items to take home for yourself, or the whole family.


Not only are you able to try an array of different wines we offer, we will have our staff on hand to answer any questions you may have. Take a tour of wine offerings and learn a little bit along the way.


Here’s a little tidbit of wine history from Colorado Wine Experience: Colorado was on the wagon four years ahead of the Amendment 18 (a terrible law fixed by Amendment 21 in 1933). That means we were drier than the sand dunes near Alamosa for nearly half a decade before the rest of the country was forced to destroy casks and pour booze down the drains.


Prior to that little historical note, there’s reason to believe Colorado was making some of the best wine on the planet. Ken Theobald, now of Classic Wines, wrote a masters’ thesis on local wine lore, and through his research found some old, turn-of-the-century news clippings that suggested Colorado beat France in its own judgment of Paris, some 70 years before California made worldwide waves for the same sort of victory.


Few have seen the proof and it seems the original thesis is buried deep in storage somewhere. “If you can find the article to prove us wrong, go right ahead,” Caskey says with a glowing smile.

At the time of Colorado’s coup, the state was producing about 1 million pounds of grapes, grown by more than 1,000 farmers, including Gov. George Crawford — it wasn’t until the 1998 harvest that Colorado grape growing reached that production level again. Crawford founded Grand Junction and planted 60 acres of grapes and fruit on Rapid Creek above Palisade in 1890


The term professional winemaker was used rather loosely around that time, and in many cases each town would have a local guy willing to make enough wine for family, friends and neighbors. Including the likes of the grandfather of Paul Bonacquisti, now owner/winemaker of Bonacquisti Wine Co. in Denver.


Everything came to a screeching halt in 1916 with that pesky Prohibition thing.

Prohibition did have one notable positive affect on Colorado: It was the start of the booming fruit industry. Prohibition was the beginning of the peach industry in Colorado.


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We look forward to seeing your guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in our market! Don’t miss all the great things Emporium is doing.