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How To Make Happy Hour Better

Urban Farmer PHL

Is there anything that can take happy hour and make it even better? Here at Urban Farmer Philadelphia, we think we figured it out: puppies! We partnered up with the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) to bring some adorable puppies to spend time with our guests on the patio for an evening.

We were honored to have 3 wonderful puppies up for adoption join us on the farm. We extended happy hour to offer specials unique to that evening only – however they weren’t limited to the humans! Pastry Chef George made delightful dog treats to offer to all the pups that stopped by throughout the evening.

What excited us most was the amount of guests and staff members that stopped by with their own furry friends. The entire patio was filled with friends and dogs alike. We certainly hope our pals from the PSPCA found their furever home, and we definitely hope to have more join us soon!