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Location, Location, Location

Kachina Southwestern Grill, Denver, CO

Besides our amazing tacos and margaritas, there is another fantastic reason to visit Kachina – Location, location, location! Kachina is just a walk across the street from Coors field, to catch a Rockies game, and what a season they’re having this year! Kachina is also a 5 minute walk away from Union Station, a great place to do a little shopping or travel in from the airport! We’re is also near 16th street mall with the free mall ride, and in the dairy block district with lots of art gallery’s! Don’t feel like going too far away from Kachina, after such a great meal? How about 20 steps (I counted myself) to Poka Lola, a fun soda fountain themed bar with vintage pin ball machines, located inside the same building as Kachina! Don’t forget to take a safety in the men’s and women’s bathroom before going home, and enjoy a great laugh as you enter through the doors!

Most of us don’t need an excuse to break from the week and enjoy a Friday night, but if you need a game plan, we suggest Kachina’s taco platter, Kachina’s margarita, catch up on a baseball game at Coors Field, and pick up some flowers at union station for your love on the way home! You’re welcome!