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Intro from Meaghan Goedde

Intro from Meaghan Goedde, SVP of People Resources

It’s kinda like getting ready for a first date.

I think… I’ve been committed for 23 years, so maybe that’s a bad analogy, not sure.  Regardless, I’m really excited and jazzed about who I’m about to meet.  I’m on a flight headed to Savannah, GA to kick off training for all of our new associates at The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market.  We open later this month, and I get the opportunity to tell the Sage Restaurant Group story and welcome the crew to our family.

In our orientations everyone gets to hear our story, why we do, what we do + how we do it.  My favorite part is when I get to talk about our “secret sauce”.  Essentially, our secret sauce is a bunch of words that a few of us came up with a while back that describes the who, why and what.  Some of these words are: innovative, caring, fun, disciplined, iconic, authentic, and inspired.  When our new team first arrive at orientation, they are asked to choose a word that resonates with them and put it on their name tag.  When we get to our secret sauce portion, I ask people to stand up and share what word they chose and why.  It’s the best!  It’s always the caring ones whom you should seek out on an insane night when you need a hug.  The fun ones make you look forward to coming to work.  I’m always inspired by the people who chose disciplined and tell stories of hard work and dedication to the craft.  And, I get really excited to see who selected iconic because come on, that’s bad ass, and I admire that confidence.  I appreciate authenticity in a person and, generally all of us in the room get inspired by the amazing humans we have chosen to surround ourselves with. 

I do the secret sauce exercise to exemplify that really, at the end of the day, it’s the people who make this all happen. The fun, inspired and authentic talent that is going to give our restaurant a soul, and create no joke amazing food and crazy delicious cocktails.  I can’t wait to meet all of our new SRG family in Savannah.  I hope I choose the right dress…….