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Intro from Jessica Werner

A Message from Jessica Werner, SVP of Growth & Business Development


Opening restaurants has been my job for the last 10 years, and for me there is no greater thrill and challenge than doing it right. Each opening is distinct and unique and brings its own set of challenges and rewards. For the past 4 years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of opening restaurants with Sage Restaurant Group. Those openings include 6 restaurants, 10 bars, and 2 coffee shops (some as recently as June 1st). For anybody who has opened a restaurant, started a business or launched a product, you know, like we do, the magic of how a team comes together and becomes a family during these times. Sage Restaurant Group exemplifies this as each and every opening expands our family, adding GMs, chefs, cooks, servers, runners, bartenders, baristas, etc., to the framework of who we are and who we will grow to be. 


I never miss an opening day. On that day, our guests become part of our family too. When I think about all of the special moments in my life that I have experienced and relished at a restaurant or bar, I want our restaurants to become that place that helps convey that feeling for our guests too — a place where people experience the best moments of their lives. We go out to celebrate health, enjoy birthdays, and take our kids out for pizza after winning a trophy. We get to be the place where friends share a bottle of wine, grab a cup of coffee on their way to work before getting promoted, laugh over dinner; the list goes on. The common thread here is that these are our guests’ lives; these are their moments. And we are honored when they l spend those moments with us.