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Intro from Gourav Patel

Intro from Senior Vice President of Finance Operations, Gourav Patel:

Daylight savings began just over a week ago, and today is the first official day of Spring! With it comes several things I love: saying bye to the winter blues, looking forward to Opening Day (Let’s Go Cubbies!), planning exciting trips for the upcoming year, and revisiting many of my favorite restaurants as they roll out Spring menus.

Changing menus twice a year that appeal to thousands of guests takes a lot of work. It’s risky and often involves plenty of internal second-guessing. When you throw in breakfast, lunch, brunch, in-room dining and banquet/catering menus, it can quickly become an arduous task. Plus, don’t forget about the beverage menus that accompany our dishes, which arguably need to be just as good, if not better, then the food itself. At Sage Restaurant Group, our Chefs and Managers do an amazing job with the creation and execution of our seasonal menus. They take it seriously and put their heart and souls into the product. We don’t change menus just to change menus. It’s an art, and there is purpose behind it. Not only does it showcase our creativity to guests, but it aligns with our commitment to using fresh and local ingredients – a core value of ours. 

So, thank you to all our leaders and associates for the time, dedication and hard work you put in! You continue to drive Sage Restaurant Group’s position as one of the country’s most successful and powerful multi-concept operators. For those of you not in a SRG-city, start planning that exciting summer getaway now!