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Ice Cream Cones and Summer


Departure Restaurant + Lounge, Portland, OR

Ice Cream Cones and Summer

Happy Solstice!  To gear up for a fun, hot and busy summer Chef Gregory will be rolling out an ice cream cone program starting July 1st.  After months of planning (and waiting) for summer to finally arrive, starting next month the team will be offering two rotating ice cream flavors such as fermented rice and coconut with berries, to roasted banana caramel all served up in gluten free cones. (It almost goes without saying that the ice creams will be vegan.)

Garnishes such as herbs and flowers will come from our rooftop garden, like the cone featured here: Koji and coconut milk ice cream with Marion berry sauce, pickled dried strawberries and freeze dried strawberries, all topped with flower petals from the garden and some gold leaf.  What better way to celebrate the season?