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Honey Harvest 2017

Urban Farmer Portland

Honey Harvest 2017

Fall is upon us which means honey harvest from our rooftop hives! This year we proudly celebrate our 3rd honey extraction and the first led by apiarist in residency Chef Adam Schuller – with little help from our friends at Bee Local.

We were amazed at the vast variance of color and flavor profile from each frame although in the same individual hive. This is due to the different pollination sources the bees seek out throughout the spring and summer which can span a distance of up to three miles.

What does a honey harvest entail?

STEP 1: The frames of honey & comb are removed from the hives

STEP 2: The beeswax caps are manually removed from each frame and then repurposed for Urban Farmer lip balm and candles

STEP 3: Frames are inserted into the agitator which uses centrifugal force to extract the honey

STEP 4: Enjoy the show as the golden nectar flows