Urban Farmer is a family of restaurants — Portland, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Denver — that all stem from the concept of a modern, yet inviting locally-sourced steakhouse. The Urban Farmer backdrop is warm and elegant, yet quaint and rustic visually telling the life-story of the hardworking, country farmer who marries the cosmopolitan art-collector. The result is a space that is at once a restored farmhouse combined with an eclectically sophisticated art gallery. Each location of Urban Farmer, though inspired by the same unexpected couple, each have their own twist that is uniquely original and authentic to the city it lives within.

Urban Farmer’s menu continues the theme of juxtaposition as it appeals to every taste from simple to sophisticated. Our in-house butcher shop means that the whole animal is used in the most creative manner and with only the most meticulously selected heritage-bred beef, while our sustainably-sourced poultry and seafood are equally well-chosen. Our steakhouse, however, is not solely focused on meat alone, offering an array of flavorful, comforting sides, soups and salads chef-inspired from the season’s abundance. Our beverage program also compliments our food and concept taking its inspiration from early-American cocktail culture and proudly featuring local craft beers, a curated wine list and spirits with fresh ingredients to give them a creative twist.

The Urban Farmer brands are all inspired by the same common values and ancestry, while each bringing to the table their own personality reflective of the different facets of this unique couple’s life and the beautiful cities in which they live.