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Braddock’s “Thanks-giving” Back to the Community

Braddock’s American Brasserie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Braddock’s “Thanks-giving” Back to the Community at Pittsburgh’s Bakery’s Cookin’ Event

Culinary and holiday enthusiasts gathered November 19th at Bakery Square for a Holiday cook-off.  YELP Pittsburgh and local chefs from our favorite Pittsburgh restaurants joined forces as to teach those in attendance how to make holiday favorites, delicious desserts, and creative Holiday Leftover Dishes!

Braddock’s American Brasserie’s Chef Dean Gress held a captive audience during his 15 minute cooking demonstration on stage. He educated the crowd on how to “re-invent” holiday leftovers. The most popular was the Turkey with all the Trimmings, a maple turkey wrap filled with stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and cream cheese rolled into a tortilla and cut up in hors d’ouerves slices–perfect for lunch the next day. The Sweet Potato Mousse Parfait was also quite popular. It was served in a martini glass with layers of whipped cream, yogurt, sweet and potato, and then garnished with ginger snap cookie crumbs on the rim. Attendees came back to the Braddock’s table for 2nd and 3rd portions!

Bravo to Chef Dean and his “Thanks-giving” back to the community. Bakery Square is a new mixed-use development located in the East End neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With an exciting lifestyle center environment, the complex hosts numerous free events to connect with its neighbors and guests.