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Braddock’s American Brasserie

As the Eastern States continue to be pummeled by old man winter Chef Brian Volmrich is extremely excited to offer house-made potato gnocchi.  The gnocchi are like little pillows of mashed potatoes in a crispy seared shell.  They sit over a light Alfredo sauce accompanied by sautéed artichokes and mixed mushrooms.  Chef learned the proper way to make gnocchi from an Italian chef several years ago. One would think potatoes are potatoes, but that is not the case when making gnocchi.  The more firm the potato the less water found in the potato results in the less amount of flour needed to form the dough. This is just one secret to making excellent gnocchi. While Brian was courting his now wife he had to make gnocchi for her father whose grandmother in Sicily made him gnocchi. Gnocchi is a serious business for Chef Brian. Braddock’s offers full and half orders of this mouth-watering dish.