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Here’s to good food, healthy families, and great whiskey!

Bringing their European cuisine with them, early Pittsburgh farmers quickly established homesteads using the fertile soils that the area offered. Hand fed veal, lamb, and goat farms gave way to artesian cheese and dairy farms with European undertones. Diverse organic produce fields led to the discovery of perfect fruit and vegetable growing conditions, including the sweet corn introduced to them by the local Native Americans. Taking advantage of their abundant corn crops, farmers around Pittsburgh started producing what they called “liquid assets”, otherwise known as whiskey, and sold it to make ends meet. By the mid 1700?s, the area had over five thousand working copper stills. Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas led the evolution of the “classic cocktail” with the first renditions of what is now known as the Manhattan, Sazerac, and other regal society drinks. These farmers often toasted with one another to “Good food, healthy families, and great whiskey”. In 1791, the government imposed a $.09 per gallon whiskey tax without representation. On August 1, 1794, in an aggressive action, over five thousand farmers and rebel militiamen converged on Braddock’s Hill prior to a massive march on Pittsburgh. This tale of history in liquid form is known as the “Whiskey Rebellion”, a significant event in American history and the first time that military troops fought against their own citizens, changing both Pittsburgh and America forever. Today, these rich farmlands still yield vibrant, culturally diverse foods, and Pittsburgh has seen a renaissance as one of the America’s most culturally rich and best cities to live. Braddock’s American Brasserie is a modern cultural celebration of what those original farmers and their families brought to this region, and to what the modern farmers, their families, and the melting pot of people and cultures bring to Pittsburgh today. With its down home feel and design, casual and value-driven menu, great cocktails and wine list, and fast friendly service, Braddock’s American Brasserie is a great neighborhood gathering place. Braddock’s Bar is a tribute to the Whiskey Rebellion, and Pittsburgh’s robust “cocktail culture” history, as well as the modern resurgence of hand crafted fresh drinks. With its diverse array of signature handmade cocktails, local and regional beers, diverse wine list, and the same food offerings as Braddock’s American Brasserie, Braddock’s Street Side is a must before a ballgame, after work, or as a quick gathering point with friends.

Braddock’s American Brasserie & Streetside Bar

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General Manager

Jennifer Thomas

As general manager for Braddock’s American Brasserie, Jennifer Thomas is focused to ensure exceptional service and innovative menu offerings. Jennifer graduated from the University of Colorado and worked for 20 years in restaurants across the country before joining the team at Braddock’s. She brings that experience, including nearly 10 years in the San Francisco Bay area, to the Sage family and looks forward to building an award-winning team in Pittsburgh. Jennifer stays motivated by her commitment to philanthropic involvement, such as “Flavor,” benefitting the American Liver Foundation and other events critical to efforts that give back to the community in Pittsburgh.

Executive Chef

Jason Shaffer

Chef Jason Shaffer’s cooking career began at the young age of 13 as a line cook in a small Italian restaurant just outside of Pittsburgh.  Since those early years, he has made a name for himself as a culinary trailblazer.  Joining Braddock’s, he brings a wealth of experience as a food and beverage executive, having pioneered the revitalization of dozens of restaurants from New Orleans to Las Vegas. 

His exceptional cuisine and business savvy has earned him recognition across the country, most notably for his 9-year contribution to the 9 restaurants of renowned Beau Rivage Casino – including the launch of the Casino’s award-winning fine dining restaurant, Port House.  As the Executive Chef of Port House and a leading member of Beau Rivage’s Concept Development Team, he led the restaurant’s conversion from traditional French to a 1930’s speakeasy.   His re-concept brought unprecedented success and earned him 4 Star and 4 Diamond ratings, as well as awards from Dirona, Food and Wine Spectator, and the James Beard Foundation.  His meticulous direction within the Beau Rivage earned him a premier role on the Casino’s Executive Team and the prestigious position as MGM Culinary Educator, as well as the honor of guest chef at the venerable James Beard House.   Following Hurricane Katrina, Chef Shaffer moved his wife and young son back home to Pittsburgh.  Local career highlights include the revamping of Mount Washington’s Monterey Bay Fish Grotto.  He updated Opus Restaurant with a winning business model that put him among the top 25 on “Pittsburgh’s Best” List in just 3 months.   He then operated as Executive Chef at Downtown Pittsburgh’s distinguished Morton’s Steakhouse.   Among his most recent achievements was his pivotal role in the $16 million transformation of Pittsburgh’s Radisson to the Double Tree by Hilton Pittsburgh – Green Tree. His ability to transform restaurants into world-class establishments sets him apart as an essential asset to any culinary team.   Chef Shaffer’s leadership is an integral part of Braddock’s continued evolution, spearheading the local sustainable movement by fostering strong relationships with local purveyors who share in his passion and ongoing commitment to integrity and innovation in food. 







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